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Why Should You Submit To The Calendars?

The designer keeps the rights to the pattern, the designer gets full page credit PLUS a website address to promote their business or charitable organization.

Here are a few reasons to submit free designs every now and then:

    1. Profile Raising: A well placed design is a terrific way to raise my profile and make myself known to a new audience I might not otherwise reach. It's very inexpensive PR and often leads to more paid design work and fully attended classes!
    2. Experience: When I'm working in a new medium, or with a new fiber, often I'll do a free pattern to get feedback and use this as a cheap form of "market research."
    3. Fun: Sometimes I'll design something for fun that I know no magazine would be interested in - but I want to share it! Maybe it's silly, like a Shroud of Turn washcloth, or a fun poncho for my daughter, or a scarf I designed for a neighbor. For whatever reason, I may not want to SELL the design, but I do want to share it!
    4. Developing Relationships: Just because the designer isn't being paid by Accord for their design, there's nothing stopping them from presenting this opportunity to a yarn shop or yarn company. The company might be VERY happy to pay the designer for their work and submit the design with the company's contact information - perhaps even offering the design as a kit!
    5. Charitable Contributions: In lieu of a business weblink, Accord will be happy to add a link to your pattern to a charitable organization (for example, the Linus Project) to help promote the good work of that entity.

Remember - YOU retain all rights to the design! Accord will only use the design in the calendar, after that you can do whatever you want with the design (including putting together kits to sell if you have a company that supports that activity!)